Monday, February 25, 2008

Eight Ways To Make Money Online

Who say that money cannot be made online.USD240 million that amount software giant Microsoft were willing to offer Mark Zuckerberg for a 1.6% stake in his social networking site Facebook.Basically,we can either seethe with envy or follow Zuckerberg footsteps and build our own fortune online.

For those who are game,here are eight basic business model to get you goin recommended by IT experts.And you dont have to have a brain s of a google software developer .Be warned ,though,some are riskier and demand more IT skill,than others.

Here are the eight ways you could do online....

Virtual Store-This is one of the oldest online models,and one that left many dot coms in ruins when the internet bubble burts in 2000.High end goods (customs suits,fancy cars) are tough to peddle online but some comodity items,from book and t-shirt to hotel rooms and mortgages,work nicely,if you execute well.

Beyond an easy to navigate Web site ,youll need a warehouse to store the inventory,as well as fullfillment software so customers can complete the transactions.If you dont want to deal with the IT side,set up a shop on and let them handle the technical issue.Some of the best eBay retailers - effectionately call ''Power Seller'' pull in more than USD100,0000 a year.

Tip and warning :Retails is a cut throat business online and offline .Target a niche and offer the the top customer service.

Virtual Landlord - You can move merchandise online without paying rent on a warehouse.Just play virtual landlord and charge other retailers monthly fees or per transactions fees for the oppurtunity to market their product on your site.For Example nabbed 28% of its revenues this way in 2006.

Craiglist another take on this model.The 25 person company charges business to post help wanted ads in San Francisco,New York and L.A. and also collect fees for apartment listing in New York City Total pageview a month about 5 billion.

Virtual matchmaker-Matching buyers online sounded like great idea back in the late 90s -until a lot of these internet brokers went bust.Still,online marketplaces persist.E-bay runs online auctions and takes a cut of the final selling price.Other marketplaces simply charge buyers monthly fees access to each other.Most are niches plays match equipment manufactures with smaller component suppliers,while link municipalities with waste water-equipment vendors.

Tip/Warning :Transparency adds value,so offer users the ability to rate the people they do the business with.Also,auctions require more sophisticated software than basic online retailing.
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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cool Stuff to do online BitTorrent

This is really cool stuff you can do online.With most P2P systems,you search for and download files within the P2P program itself.One exception to this rule is BitTorent.With This system you can search for the music or video they after on the Web.Bit Torrent is hugely popular for large file especially albums,movies and television show,ebook mp3 and porn too.

To use Bit Torrent,in order to extract the file .you first have to download the actual program from: done,you can search the web for a torrent file of the music video,movie software that you want.See below:

The hottest torrent ever

Happy download!

P2P File Sharing

Bored don’t know what to do online?let find out what you can do with P2P.Before we begin..What is P2P?P2P File sharing,technology that allows computer users all over the world to ‘share’ each other’s files including mp3 music file,files via the internet.Even you never heard of P2P (peer-to-peer)you probably heard of some of the program that have made this kind of file sharing possible such KaZaA visit ( and and historically most popular Napster.For more information visit their website at

Each is huge and accessible via different programs,Many of which are very sophisticated with build in media players or even the ability to import downloaded tracks directly into a playist in ITunes even Ipod!

Due to unwelcome spyware and adware maybe something long with kaza or napster.I suggest PC owner should download and regurlarly run spybot S&D ( available at users are much less at risk.

Below is a list of major networks and some of the most popular programs for accessing them.All these you can be downloaded and used for free!

  • LimeWire ( PC & Mac )
  • Morpheus ( PC )
  • Shareaza (PC)
  • iMesh (PC)

    and read this before you proceed ..

    Warning: while P2P file sharing technology is completely legal, many of the files traded through P2P are copyrighted. Unless you live in Canada where citizens are shielded from P2P copyright lawsuits, downloading music, movie, and TV files will put you at risk for a civil lawsuit in any other country. These lawsuits usually take the form of class-action suits, filed against groups of users who are logged as blatantly copying and distributing copyrighted materials. Recently, the MPAA and RIAA, along with the governments of England and Australia, took several thousand users to court, demanding that they pay thousands of dollars in copyright infringement penalties. Please keep this lawsuit risk in mind when you install and use any BitTorrent software in the USA, Europe, or Asia.